Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement in implementation

"Implementation needs everyone around the table - Health Care Practitioners, Patients, Academics and Managers."

- Krysia Dziedzic, IAU Director

The Impact Accelerator Unit (IAU) aims to support and work with a range of stakeholders to support the uptake of evidence-based practice. One of the fundamental principles of successful implementation is utilising networks and connections to create the right ‘community of practice’ that will work together to develop the most appropriate implementation strategies according to that context.  We aim to make it ‘easier to do the right thing’!

With a team of clinicians, academics, manager and patients the IAU has an extensive list of stakeholders. These include: 

The LINK Working Party was established in early 2016 to enable and support meaningful Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) in the IAU, supporting the implementation of research evidence into real-life healthcare practice. 

Our LINK members have made invaluable contributions in the implementation of our research over the last 3 years, building up a strong portfolio which has helped us ensure that there is a strong patient voice throughout the whole research and implementation cycle.