David was awarded a first class honours in Law with Politics from Keele University in 2007. After working as a lawyer and as a teacher, David returned to Keele in 2013 to undertake a Law and Society LLM and is currently embarking on AHRC funded PhD study relating to ideology and reforms to healthcare within England.

Benbow, D. (2018) ''With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility'': Democracy, the Secretary of State for Health and Blame Shifting Within the English National Health Service.' International Journal of Health Services. Doi: 10.1177/0020731418766232.

Benbow, D. (2017) 'The sociology of health and the NHS'. The Sociological Review, Vol.65(2), pp416-422.

Research project

Thesis Topic (AHRC Funded Studentship): Ideology and Healthcare reforms within England.
David's research focuses on recent reforms which have marketized the NHS, afforded private companies with more opportunities to provide clinical services and weakened mechanisms for patient and public involvement. David utilises the method of ideology critique to understand the influences on the reforms, their justifications, the effect of the reforms and opposition and resistance to the reforms.

Prof. Marie-Andree Jacob
Dr. Mark Featherstone