Keele Business School facilities

At Keele Business School (KBS) we have a dedicated computer laboratory, the Bloomberg Finance Lab, which provides access to the Bloomberg Professional Service, also known as the Terminal.

The Bloomberg Professional Service is a widely used platform of economic, financial and business information in the financial industry, government and beyond. KBS students have free access to the Bloomberg Professional Service, which is integrated into the teaching of a number of modules in economics, finance, accounting and business management.

Students can also use the terminals in their own time to obtain data and information to use in their essays and projects.

The Bloomberg Terminal provides privileged access to economic, financial and business real-time data, world news, analyses and reports from the world’s biggest financial organisations.

It has become a standard tool for traders, market analysts, financial institutions, and researchers. Practical knowledge of how to use the Terminal is a very much sought after skill by employers in the financial industry including retail and investment banking, audit, accountancy, insurance and actuarial science.

Bloomberg Market Concepts

All our undergraduate and postgraduate students have access to Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC), free of charge, on the Bloomberg Terminal. Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) is a library of e-learning courses that provide an introduction to the workings of the economy and of financial markets.

By taking BMC, you will learn about the financial markets via 35 learning outcomes, familiarize yourself with over 100 Bloomberg terminal functions and solidify your knowledge with over 160 interactive questions. BMC consists of the following modules:

  • Economic Indicators 
  • Currencies 
  • Fixed Income 
  • Equities
  • Terminal Basics
  • Commodities
  • Equity Options
  • Portfolio Management

Academic staff advise students, depending on their programme of study, which modules to take and when. Students are asked to complete the BMC suite of modules by the end of their studies. After successfully completing BMC, students receive a certificate, demonstrating their competence in basic economic and finance concepts and their skill in working with the Bloomberg Terminal, hence further enhancing their resume/CV.

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