I first worked on the campus at Keele in 1984, as head of a regional office of the former Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (RCHME), which closed in 1998. Now retired, my practical professional career until 2006 was as a non-excavating field archaeologist with the former RCHME and English Heritage. I was founding secretary of the Northamptonshire Archaeological Society; I served as editor of the Journal of the British Archaeological Association and production editor for several volumes in the History of Lincolnshire series. I have been Chairman of the Society for Landscape Studies and President of the Medieval Settlement Research Group: I am a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries (FSA) and a Member of the Institute of Field Archaeologists (MIFA). I am one of the editor/authors on the British Academy’s Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture (CASSS) project. I was External Examiner for archaeological MAs at York (2004-7). I am currently on the Board of Staffordshire Studies.

I gave the Earl Lecture in 2007 at Keele. As a field archaeologist and landscape historian I have published on a wide range of topics.


Research and scholarship

My particular interests are in the early English church, through its buildings and archaeology; in settlement studies; and in the archaeology of gardens. I work especially in Lincolnshire and the East Midlands. Current research includes:

  • Final preparation of a study on the site and landscape of the Premonstratensian abbey of Barlings (Lincs), for publication in 2011.
  • Two-fold contribution to the volume of synthesis on Wharram Percy deserted village, Yorks (WHARRAM XIII, ed Stuart Wrathmell).
  • Contribution to a multi-authored monograph on medieval settlement studies for the Medieval Settlement Research Group (eds P Stamper and N Christie, Rural Medieval Britain and Ireland, ad 800-1600: settlements, landscapes and regions), for publication in 2011.
  • Work towards a second CASSS volume, on Nottinghamshire.


Recent Publications

EVERSON, P and Brown, G 2010. ‘Dr Hoskins I presume! Field visits in the footsteps of a pioneer’, in eds C Dyer and R Jones, Deserted Villages Revisited, Explorations in Local and Regional History Volume 3, University of Hertford Press, 46-63.

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EVERSON, P and Stocker, D 2005. ‘Little Sturton Rediscovered, Part 1: the grange of Kirkstead Abbey’, Lincolnshire History and Archaeology, 40, 7-14.

Selected Other Publications

EVERSON, P and Stocker, D 2006. ‘The Common Steeple? Church, Liturgy and Settlement in Early Medieval Lincolnshire’, Anglo-Norman Studies, 28, 103-2.

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