Research and scholarship

Women's Politics (the range of women's engagements with formal and informal politics):

  • Gendered politics in a life: Dora Montefiore (1851-1933)

This is a biography of Dora Montefiore – suffragist, socialist, communist. I am particularly interested in the interplay of politics and everyday life, in mapping individual women's political journeys, in women's local, national and international networks and the effect of gossip on the experience of politics.

  • ‘Reconfiguring Citizenship: the impact of women's enfranchisement on local political cultures, 1918-39'

This is a comparative study undertaken with Professor June Hannam (UWE). Its purpose is to explore the impact of the new woman voter on the practice of politics in the interwar period

  • Gendering the politics of consumption

This project builds on my earlier work on the politics of consumption and concerns (1) gendering the voice of the consumer during WW1, and (2) the contest over ‘the housewife' in the interwar period.


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