I graduated in 1991 from Keele University with a first class, dual honours degree in History and English.  I spent four years at Oxford University, three as a post-graduate student in History at Exeter College and one as an employee of the University.  In 1995 I returned to Keele to take up a post as a Lecturer in History (Professor from 2017).

Research and scholarship

I am currently researching aspects of the English social history of medicine, including the experiences of doctors who struggled to secure or maintain a professional identity c.1780-1880. I am also studying working-class autobiographies with particular reference to workhouse life.


  • HIS-10035 Places and Peoples
  • HIS-20090 Company and Crown
  • HIS-30100 Sickness and Suffering
  • HIS-30101 From Sawbones to Social Hero?
  • HIS-30121 History and Biography


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