I joined the welcoming School of Geography, Geology and the Environment in March 2017 as Teaching Fellow in Environment and Sustainability. With family roots in the western Indian Ocean, I was inspired by conservation in Mauritius and Seychelles from an early age. I did my BSc Natural Sciences at Durham University, MSc Conservation at University College London, PhD at the University of Manchester and PG Cert Teaching Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University.

I’ve had the pleasure of a post-doc in Earth Sciences at Oxford, managing a conservation NGO in Seychelles, working for a consultancy in Manchester, and most recently being part of the development team at the Lancashire Wildlife Trust.

I want to bring environmental science teaching to life by engaging students with real life projects and the people working on them.


Year 1

ESC-10042 Environmental Science Skills

ESC-10056 Entrepreneurship

Year 2

ESC-20032 Environmental Analytical Methods

ESC-20033 Research Skills in Environment and Sustainability

ESC-20065 Entrepreneurship

ESC-20079 Environmental and Sustainability Impact Assessment and Research Planning (Module Leader)

ESC-20080 Environmental and Sustainability Impact Assessment (Module Leader)

ESC-20081 Research and Fieldwork Planning (Module Leader)

ESC-30019 Applied Environmental Studies (single) Independent Research Project

ESC-30035 Applied Environmental Studies (double) Independent Research Project

ESC-30031 Environment and Sustainability Independent Research Project

Year 3

ESC-30041 Local Case Studies in Environment and Sustainability (Module Leader)

ESC-30040 Clean Technology (Module Leader)


Moolna et al. in press Engaging people with carbon and climate change using landscape scale conservation and biodiversity monitoring. Handbook of Climate Change Communication

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Moolna (2007) Preliminary observations indicate that giant tortoise ingestion improves seed germination for an endemic ebony species in Mauritius. African Journal of Ecology 46:217-21

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