Applied Geophysics at Keele

The Applied & Environmental Geophysics Research Group at Keele University is based in the School of Geography, Geology and the Environment in the Faculty of Natural Sciences. It is built around the expertise of Dr Jamie Pringle, Dr Ian Stimpson, Professor Peter Styles and Mr Sam Toon, with a strong team of postgraduate students. The principal research theme is the application of ultra-high resolution geophysical techniques and numerical modelling in energy, environmental, geodynamic, hydrocarbon, forensic and archaeological areas.

Seismological investigations are being undertaken into a wide variety of earthquake source mechanisms, from large, global events to local mining-induced tremors detected on the seismic network operated by Keele. Earthquakes are also being used to understand geotectonic processes at the triple-junction subducted beneath southern Chile. We also carry out work on the impact of vibrations from wind turbines on seismically sensitive installations, such as the CTBT IMS station at Eskdalemuir in Southern Scotland.

We have considerable expertise in the acquisition of microgravity data for engineering purposes. Current investigations include time-varying, high-resolution microgravity for the management of hydrocarbon reservoirs and the evaluation of the condition and stability of underground cavities and voids.

‌Shallow geophysical prospecting techniques are being investigated to determine how they can best be used for detecting buried archaeological features and for forensics. Experimental work is being conducted at our test site and archaeological sites in the Midlands and Northwest England.