Estates policy and strategy

Estate & Campus Services are responsible for the strategic development of the estate. The tools that enable an Estates team to deliver the objectives set by the Strategic Map 2010 – 2015, HEFCE guidance for good estates governance, statutory and environmental obligations include:

  • Estate Strategy
  • Master Plan
  • Department Structure
  • Estates Policies & Procedures

Estates policies and procedures

Policies and procedures underpin our commitment to manage the estate in accordance with strategic aims and objectives, risk assessment, legislation and best practice. They guide how decisions are made and work undertaken, increasing accountability and transparency and where possible should be forward-looking, taking account of planned and possible future regulatory frameworks.

  • Energy & Environment
  • Keele University Energy Policy
  • Keele University Environmental Policy

Health and safety

Estate & Campus Services look to achieve the highest levels in health & safety and minimise our impact on the diversity of the campus and on the environment. To this end, we expect our staff and contractors working for the University to apply the policies and procedures detailed on the attached link when conducting their work operations on site. Adherence with policies including the Asbestos Policy, Legionella Policy, Gas Safety Case etc is fundamental to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of all students, staff, residents and visitors on campus.