Support packages available for students who are self-isolating

If you need to self-isolate, we can support you in a number of ways, including getting food, prescriptions, post, and linen via our delivery services.

Please note: Package details are currently being updated for 2021/22.

The below services are only available to students who have notified the University that they are self-isolating.

As self-isolation means that you should not be leaving your accommodation, you will need to make arrangements to ensure that you have sufficient food, drinks and other supplies during your self-isolation period. You may be able to arrange these yourself, through an online grocery delivery (please do not let the delivery driver come into your accommodation), or through a friend who can shop on your behalf and leave groceries/essentials for you at your door.

If you cannot access food or other vital supplies (such as medicines, toiletries etc) through these means, then the University is here to support you, whether you are on or off-campus.

Please note that the process may change depending upon the overall number of students who are requiring support at any one time, so keep checking regularly for any changes to the services we can provide.

There are several delivery and collection services that we have put in place to support you, should you need it. Please explore these in the sections below.

Covid-secure collection of support packages and post - on-campus

Please remember – when self-isolating you must not leave your accommodation for any other reason than to collect a support package, and you must return immediately to your accommodation.

When collecting your orders please remember:

  • Wait until you hear the horn sound for your collection point, before you go to collect your items. Take your Keele Card with you for identification.
  • Sanitise your hands before leaving your room, and maintain a 2m distance from anyone else
  • Wear your face mask at all times whilst collecting your items
  • Delivery staff will drive to the collection point and there will be a trestle table at the side of the vehicle
  • Stand 2 metres away from the front of the table and wait until called forward
  • The delivery items will be placed at the front of the table (nearest to the student) for collection, one student at a time
  • Where the delivery contains alcohol, the driver will check that the photograph on the Keele Card matches that of the person making the collection. If not, the items will not be left and will be returned to Keele Hall. The person who placed the order must be the person collecting the alcohol.
  • Once you have collected your items, move away from the collection point and return immediately to your accommodation

We have a number of packages available to help you. Please note that it is only possible to order a whole pack, not individual items from a pack.

Information about what's in each of our food and essentials packs, and how much they cost, are in the links below.

Available Monday - Friday.

You can order a pack via the Upay app where they can be delivered to a Halls of Residence on-campus.

The packs we have available are:

How to order:

  • Food and essentials packs can be ordered from KeeleSU. Choose the 'Order from KeeleSU' and then 'Keele SU / Co-op Isolation packs'
  • Orders placed before 12pm will be delivered the next working day between 10am – 1pm.
  • Orders placed after 12pm will be delivered the working day after next, e.g. orders placed at 12:30pm on Monday will be delivered on Wednesday between 10am- 1pm.
  • Where possible if we can deliver the pack sooner then we will contact you to discuss.
How to get your pack:
  • This pack will be delivered to your collection point between 10am and 1pm
  • PLEASE NOTE: unfortunately, KeeleSU cannot fulfil orders via the UPay app to off campus addresses

A bed linen and towel package contains a pillowcase, duvet cover, sheet, mattress protector and bath towel in single and double bed sizes for £10.50.

Available Monday-Friday

These are available to on-campus students.

How to order:

You can order bed linen and towels here on our online web store. You can choose between single and double bed sizes when ordering. We recommend that you order the double size if you have a ¾ bed on campus.

Orders placed before 12:00pm will be delivered the next day. Orders after 12:00pm will be delivered the day after next. 

How to get your pack:

Once you have placed your order, the accommodation services manager will be in touch via email to notify you when your linen pack is ready and it will be delivered to your room.

You can use this link to pay for your prescription if you are not classed as exempt. We are also providing a free prescription pick-up and delivery service for on-campus students who are both exempt, or pay for prescriptions. The delivery service is free of charge, provided you have given permission for a Keele staff member to collect this on your behalf, and have already paid for the prescription on this link or are classed as exempt. Please note this service applies only to medications prescribed for you by a medical professional.

Available Monday-Friday

Your prescription will be delivered to your bedroom door between 2pm and 4pm.

Order Details:

Orders placed before 12pm will be delivered the next working day. Orders after 12pm will be delivered the working day after next.

How to order your prescription:

  • Contact the Well Pharmacy at Keele to order your prescription (01782 633785). Please note repeat prescriptions can take up to one week, so order these well in advance.
  • The Pharmacy will let you know when your prescription is ready for collection.
  • You now need to place your order for delivery here on our online web store and pay for your prescription if applicable.
  • If you are paying for your prescription then please enter the payment due in amount box. One item on a prescription is £9.35, if you have more than one item then enter £9.35 in the amount box and increase your quantity to the number of items and add to basket.
  • If your prescription is exempt then leave the amount as £0.00, add the item to your basket and complete the questionnaire for free delivery.
  • Your prescription will be delivered to your bedroom door between 2pm and 4pm.
  • Please note: If you have placed a pharmacy order and then asked a friend to collect your prescription instead, please let us know by emailing so that we do not attempt to collect the order.

If you are aware of an urgent letter or parcel which has been delivered to the Post Room that you need during your isolation, the University can deliver this to your collection point upon request.

This service is available Monday-Friday. Your requested post (letter or parcel) will be delivered to your bedroom door between 2pm and 4pm.


You can order the delivery of an urgent letter or parcel here.

Orders placed before 12pm will be delivered the next working day. Orders after 12pm will be delivered the day after next.

Please note that all other post (letters and parcels) will be held securely for you in the Post Room until the end of your isolation when you are able to collect them.

We are providing a laundry service for students in self-isolation, which includes laundering clothes, bed linen and towels. The cost is £6.50 per bag of laundry (size is equivalent to two thirds of a bin bag).

Items can be mixed in colour, but please be aware that strong colours may affect lighter ones. Please be aware that delicate and/or woollen items will be affected by the chemicals and temperatures used to ensure the clothes are Covid-free.

Available for collection and delivery Monday – Friday, and only if you live on campus.

As this service is being provided by an external company, it may take up to 7 days from collection to clean and return of your items. This is because, if you have tested positive, the laundry will be isolated for 3 days before being washed in order to minimise the risk to staff handling the laundry. If you have not tested positive, the return of items may take less time.

How to order:

Order your laundry here on our online store.

How to get your laundry collected, and then delivered back to you:

Once you have placed your order via the online store, the Halls Domestic team will be in touch via email to notify you when your laundry will be collected, and provide the instructions you need to get it ready. When the external company has returned your laundry, the team will email you to arrange delivery to your bedroom door.

  • All products are subject to availability and may be substituted (at an equal value) when supply is unavailable from our suppliers.
  • Prices are subject to change on a daily basis so may vary between orders.
  • Suitable items can be provided for special diets and allergens; dietary requirements must be provided at the time of order.
  • No liability will be accepted by Keele University for orders that have been placed where no special diet or allergen information has been provided.
  • Items cannot be returned or exchanged for a different product.
  • If a delivery is not collected, the frozen & chilled items will be disposed of. The ambient items will be redelivered once the following day.
  • No refunds will be given for uncollected items.

Please see below for the delivery locations and instructions for collecting your support package orders and parcels.

Please check in the accordions above, for how to order, and the waiting times between order and delivery.

Collection points are listed below - see the map for more details

Support pack collection points campus map

Your hallsCollection point


Y B1
A – F, Resident tutor flats 1-5 & Sustainability Bungalow B2
G-L, & W-X B3
N-V & Bungalow 3 B4
Z B5
Holly Cross and The Oaks
Holly Cross H&O 1
The Oaks A & B H&O 2
A-C & H-M H1
D-G & N-S H2
T-Y & Z 1-21 H3
A-F & Taylor House L1
Lindsay Court L2
Lindsay S-T L3


Delivery Terms and Conditions

  • Orders placed before 12:00pm will be delivered the next day.
  • Orders placed after 12:00pm will be delivered the day after next.
  • Food deliveries will be made at the collection points between 10am and 1pm.
  • Prescription and Post delivery will be between 2pm and 4pm.
  • The delivery vehicle will notify you of its arrival by sounding the horn. Please ensure that you are up and ready to collect your packs.
  • When collecting your delivery, you must wear a face mask and bring hand sanitiser. Please wear weather appropriate clothing as you may need to queue for a short period of time. Social distancing must be observed at all times.
  • The delivery driver will call you forward to collect your delivery from the collection table.
  • You may collect an order for another student in your bubble. You will require their room number and Keele card at the collection point.
  • Deliveries will be handed over in bags so please ensure that you have the capacity to carry your delivery.

Please note: this service is only available to students who have notified the University that they are self-isolating.