Campus Safety

Keele University’s Campus Safety Team provide security and reassurance to the Keele community, and work from the Darwin Building.

Tel: 01782 733004

The Campus Safety Team provide a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service to our campus community, which includes:

  • Receiving calls for help within our control room, and responding or referring cases to other teams
  • Providing an emergency security response to incidents and acting as the 4th emergency service, supporting the Ambulance Service, Fire and Rescue Service, and the Police in protecting and keeping our community safe
  • Monitoring an extensive network of CCTV, access control, and alarm systems on site to keep the University and its people safe
  • We also respond to calls for support from our award-winning 'Safezone App' system (see more below), and we contact you within seconds if you activate the ‘Red’ button and are in need of our help.

Our officers wear a distinctive uniform so that we can be easily recognised, and we patrol in marked electric vans and on foot in and around buildings and our grounds, both day and night, to protect our University and keep our community safe and reassured.

We're approachable, friendly, and interested in helping if you have problems or concerns about yourself or others, or need advice or support. We work very closely with colleagues in Student Services and Estate and Campus Services, and we strive to make each interaction we have as positive as possible.

We normally have a Supervisor or Deputy Supervisor on duty supporting our team, and we're interested in listening, discussing, and learning should people ever feel unhappy about our actions, or not understand why we've worked in a particular way.

"Our student's safety, well-being, and success is at the heart of everything that we do. It's our core purpose, and why we're ready to respond and help wherever we can, 24hrs a day, every day of the year." - Nigel Manning, Head of Campus Safety & Security.

Safezone app

SafeZone is a free to download app for students and staff. It allows users to get help quickly in the event of an emergency, alerting the Campus Safety Team and sharing your location with them.

If working alone, or feeling vulnerable, Safezone also has a Check-in and Check-in Timer feature which allows you to share your live location with the team.

Find out more, and download for free at,

Contact us

Emergency contact number for the Campus Safety Team:

Tel: 01782 733004
Int: 33004

For non-emergencies, please either call the above number or email

In an emergency where a serious offence is in progress, someone is in immediate danger or harm, property is in danger of being damaged, or a serious disruption to the public is likely, always dial 999 first and ask for Police, Ambulance, or Fire and Rescue.

To contact the police in a non-emergency, phone 101.

Run. Hide. Tell.

Police and security agencies are working tirelessly to protect the public, but it is also important that communities remain vigilant and aware of how to protect themselves if the need arises. Read more from Staffordshire Police.