Studying abroad for Keele students

Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity to broaden your horizons and enhance your CV once you have graduated. Here you can find our accommodation options to cater to the different patterns of studying abroad.

One semester/year abroad

Studying 1st semester abroad

  • You do not need to apply for University accommodation in January for the following academic year if you are going abroad for the first semester.
  • The Student Accommodation Office will email you during early December to check on your accommodation requirements for the second semester (whilst you are studying abroad).
  • We will do everything we can, to secure university accommodation for you, but this is subject to availability.  There is no need to panic – there are usually rooms available, but if not, there is an abundance of privately owned accommodation in the local area and the Student Accommodation Team are on hand to assist with this. We also have our own website for private landlords.

2nd semester Study Abroad

  • You can apply for University accommodation for your 1st semester. You should do this in January for the following academic year and we will notify you by email to tell you how to apply.
  • When you complete the on-line application you should choose 1st semester only.

Studying 1 year abroad

  • You do not need to apply for University accommodation if you are studying abroad for the whole year.  However if you are‌ unsure or waiting to see if Study Abroad is possible, we recommend that you go ahead and apply for University accommodation in January, whilst this is being decided.  When you receive your offer of accommodation you should speak to a member of the Student Accommodation Team about how to proceed.
  • Accommodation applications for the year following your year abroad will take place in the January while you are away.  We start emailing with information on this in December - keep an eye on your Keele email account.