Accommodation fees & Occupancy periods

Our fees are based on room type and occupancy period. For information on how, when and where to pay your accommodation fees please see the Income Office website.

Accommodation fees for 2021/22

For a description of the different room types at Keele please view our accommodation. 

Room Type

37 Weeks

40 Weeks

44 Weeks

51 Weeks


No of Rooms






Lindsay Hall







Barnes & Lindsay Hall


Classic Plus





Horwood & Lindsay Hall


Shared Flats & Houses





Barnes & Horwood Hall


En-suite Plus





Holly Cross, Oaks & Lindsay Hall


En-suite Superior





Barnes Hall


Last updated February 2021. Prices and information are correct at time of going to print.  
Prices may change due to rising inflation but never more than 5%. Once contracts are accepted, prices are fixed.

Single Flat – information on request

Inclusive Rents

No need to worry about added extras, our rents include utility bills and contents insurance.  The University provides free wifi and access to 24 hour security and support services.  

For 2021/22 cleaning is provided in communal areas, kitchens and all bathrooms only.  

Adapted Room

We offer a number of adapted rooms for students with specific needs.  Available in Holly Cross, Oaks and Barnes W, Y & Z blocks.  Please contact Disability Services to arrange for an assessment.

Halls of Residence

Barnes Hall – close to the Medical School, with two launderettes, a bar and common room - 5 minute walk to centre of campus.
Horwood Hall – close to centre of campus with own launderette, close to Students’ Union, Health Centre and shops – 5 minute walk to centre of campus.
Lindsay Hall – sits on the south side of campus with own common room, bar and launderette – 10 minute walk to centre of campus.
Holly Cross & Oaks – sits on the south side of campus with own common room and launderette – 15 minute walk to centre of campus.

The fixed dates of occupancy for the 2021/22 academic year
All rooms include the Christmas and Easter vacation.

37 weeks - this covers the whole of both semesters:
Saturday 25th September 2021 – Saturday 11th June 2022
40 weeks - Vetenary School occupancy period:
Saturday 25th September 2021 - 2nd July 2022
44 weeks - arrive before the rush and stay until just after your graduation (not suitable for Freshers):
Saturday 18th September 2021 – Saturday 23rd July 2022
51 weeks - ideal for students who need to be here during the summer vacation and for postgraduate and Nursing & Midwifery students:
Saturday 25th September 2021 – Saturday 17th Septemb