Horwood Hall

Horwood Hall is close to the centre of campus, Students' Union, Health Centre, Keele Hall and its lakes and woodland. It has its own launderette and offers classic plus rooms and shared flats and houses.

Key features

  • Shared kitchen facilities
  • Shared bathroom facilities
  • Launderette
  • WiFi
  • 24/7 Campus Safety Team

Price range:

2023/24 - £134.89 to £179.97


Adaptive Rooms available:


En-suite Rooms available:

There are a limited number of standard and part en-suite rooms

Occupancy Period:

2023/24 - 38 & 51 week occupancies available



In Horwood you can find a launderette, ‌cycle storage and recycling points. Your Keele Card will give you access to the communal areas.

Sharing ratios:

Block A (21 rooms) with 5-8 per bathroom and 21 per kitchen
Block B (22 rooms) with 3-11 per bathroom and 22 per kitchen
Block C (22 rooms) with 7 per bathroom and 22 per kitchen
Block D (23 rooms) with 10-13 per bathroom and 23 per kitchen
Blocks E and F (22 rooms per block) with 11 per bathroom and 22 per kitchen
Block G (14 rooms) with 14 per kitchen and bathroom
Blocks H and J (33 rooms per block) with 8-12 per kitchen and bathroom
Blocks K-M (35 rooms per block) with 12 per kitchen and bathroom
Blocks N-S (28 rooms per block) with 10 per kitchen and 7 per bathroom
Blocks T-Y (24 rooms per block) with 6 per kitchen and bathroom
Z Blocks (8 rooms per block) with 8 per kitchen and bathroom 

Our kitchens are different from domestic ones – there are more cookers, fridges and microwaves, depending on the numbers sharing. Remember that not everyone gets up, eats or showers at the same time so kitchens and bathrooms rarely get congested.

Horwood Hall has a variety of room types


Classic Plus 

Blocks A-N and P-S

Shared flats and houses

Block T-Z

Adapted rooms We have some specially adapted rooms in Horwood.

At Keele, we work together as a team and aim to make your stay as comfortable as possible. We are here to listen and help you have an enjoyable stay with us. We strive to achieve a seamless service to all the residents and welcome any feedback from you at any time.

Members of our team include the Cleaning Services team, the Hall Stewards, Resident AdvisersResidence Life and the Student Accommodation team.

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