Laundrettes on campus

Each hall of residence has its own launderette that is open 24 hours a day.


Please follow the below guidance when using the laundrettes on campus. 

  • Sanitise your hands when entering and leaving the laundrette
  • Do not enter if you are self-isolating or quarantining
  • Please leave the launderette whilst your machine is running
  • Maintain social distancing at all times
  • Wear a face covering
  • Do not enter if the room if you feel it is too crowded

Whilst we clean the launderette touch points 3 times a day, a cleaning kit is provided for you to clean machine handles before you use the machines.

You can check availability of a machine or how long your machine has left to run at

To use the launderettes you need a laurdry card and you can purchase these from machines around campus for £2.

This is a simple guide on how to obtain your laundry card - you will need this to use the launderette machines.

There are card dispenser machines points on campus in the Sports Centre and by the Central Cafe in Chancellor’s Building.

The options are easy to follow to obtain either a card only or a card with credit however it is a good idea to buy a card with some credit to get you started!

Costs and approximate times are as follows:

  • The washing machines cost £2.60 and take around 40 minutes
  • The Tumble Dryers cost £1.10 and take around 30 minutes

Once you have the card you will need to visit (the company who manage the launderettes).  The website has all the information you need, so just follow their instructions.  There are clear contact numbers displayed in the launderettes for any assistance or help if needed.

Please note that the washing machines do not have a drawer for putting in washing powder and conditioner (fabric softener); you need to load this directly into the drum of the washer or use a 2 in 1 that includes conditioner as the conditioner can’t be added separately as you can in a domestic machine.

Please do not dry your washing in your room or the blocks landing areas - this can cause condensation and damp issues which can lead to mould -  please read your Tenants’ Handbook for guidance on this.

The laundry equipment is managed and maintained by an outside provider, Circuit, who look after the machines and deal with any faults. If there is a problem with any of the machines please ring Circuit 0800 0924068. Quote your location and the nature of the fault.