Recycle League

In semester 1 of the 2019/2020 academic year Keele University took part in the pilot NUS program, 'recycle league', along with several other Universities. The aim of the program was to engage with staff and students to raise awareness and change behaviours to reduce waste and improve recycling levels. A competition was held between all participating Universities based on the highest levels of waste reduction, highest levels of recycling and highest levels of engagement.

As part of the program we recruited 5 students as 'recycling ambassadors' to run initiatives and improve communication on recycling and waste reduction. Some of the engagement activities carried out by the recycling ambassadors included:

  • Visits to University Halls of Residence kitchen diners to audit recycling levels, providing valuable feedback to accommodation staff on where improvements were needed to recycling and waste communications and recycling facilities.
  • The production of ‘how to’ recycling videos published on social media
  • Developing an A-Z recycling and waste guide
  • Running information stalls with prize giveaways