What we have done

The Keele University Water Management Plan is designed to look at all areas of water usage and identify those actions that can really make an input.

A sample of some of the actions that we are undertaking include:

  • Replacing old cast iron pipework that is in some cases more than 50 years old. This helps us to reduce the number of leaks that we have each year. We have invested more than £300,000 in the last three years renewing pipework.
  • We have been installing meters not only within our buildings but at strategic parts of the water network. This helps us to understand when a pipe has burst and to quickly locate and fix it.
  • New minimum standards have been applied to all new developments and refurbishments on campus to ensure that our buildings are efficient both now and for the future.
  • An awareness campaign encouraging all campus users to conserve water where possible.
  • We carry out regular audits of our buildings to understand how we can reduce water consumption. We keep a list of water saving actions alongside our energy saving plan and utilise the same carbon reduction funding for these projects.