Esteemed surgeon appointed Honorary Professor

Professor Paul Cool An internationally renowned orthopaedic and oncology surgeon has been made an Honorary Professor at Keele University for his work helping patients with bone and soft tissue cancer.

Professor Paul Cool, Orthopaedic and Oncological Surgeon at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital (RJAH), has been a consultant at the tumour unit for more than 20 years. The tumour unit at RJAH is one of only five specialist bone cancer centres in the country.

Throughout his career, Professor Cool has made significant contributions in his areas of specialist interests – soft tissue sarcomas, bone sarcomas, metastatic bone disease and tumour-like conditions – with his research and teaching.

In recent years, he and a dedicated team have worked around gaining an improved understanding of the genetic background of tumours, by setting up the Biobank of Health and Disease.

The unit has participated with the 100,000 Genomes Project work, which uses genomics to improve the knowledge and treatment of rare diseases and cancer. Last year, RJAH was awarded a special Meridian Award for the team’s contribution and integration of genomics into clinical care.

Professor Cool said: “It’s a fantastic honour to be appointed as Honorary Professor by Keele University. I’ve been extremely fortunate that in my career I have had the opportunity to collaborate with so many great people and colleagues. A team approach is absolutely vital with expert Radiology, Pathology and Oncology support. We receive great support from the Radiology department at RJAH, Stanmore Hospital’s Pathology team and the Christie Hospital’s Oncology team.

“This appointment will further cement the hospital’s relationship with Keele University and allows more academic integration into clinical care, as well as improving the service we provide for our patients even further.”

Steve White, Medical Director at RJAH, said: “Professor Cool’s appointment as Honorary Clinical Professor is a fantastic achievement and richly deserved, as he has distinguished himself as a scientist, as well as a surgeon.

“Not many people know of his other expertise which is in statistics, as well as his biological interests. All of this helps to inform his work as Surgical Director in the Trust – and we are so fortunate to have him as a senior manager at this hospital.”