Strong, British and Black.

Strong, British and Black is a Kwanzaa Collective UK* exhibition which showcases the art of black and brown women living and working in Staffordshire. Building on the themes of the Cultural Affairs I AM exhibition (2019) this exhibition centres the voices of black and brown women to explore what it means to be Strong, British and Black. Using film, photography, painting, poetry, sculpture and digital art, the artists explore the themes of the exhibition individually, while looking at how they interact. What does it mean to a strong woman? What does it mean to be Strong and Black?  What does it mean to be Black British in a country that often considers you Black in Britain?


Exhibiting Artists: 

Alisha Friday
Adina Lawrence
Becki Kremer
Cynthia Coady
Daby Obiechefu
Gabriella Gay
Nom Ncube
Tanya Watson


Kwanzaa Collective UK *

Based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, Kwanzaa Collective UK * is a consortium of artists, activists and academics of colour identifying collectively in order to generate moments of agency, allyship and dialogue. Through creativity, collective activism and collaboration they aim to amplify the voices of black and brown people. 

A programme of events, talks and workshops will run alongside the exhibition, more details coming soon.


We would like to know what you thought of the work. Please send any feedback about this exhibition to . Find us on social media. If you are interested In purchasing an artwork or commissioning an artist, please contact artists directly.

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Keele Art Gallery
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01782 734340