Crafternoons - Black History Month

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Friday 23rd 4.30-6pm
Fabric Crown: Headwrap making workshop

Come and make your own colourful, patterned head wrap with artist Becki Kremer, and learn techniques for wrapping to create a bold, beautiful statement with fabric.

Becki has a series of artwork on display in the Strong, British & Black exhibition currently showing in Keele University Chancellor's Building. Her work in the exhibition is influenced by the Tignon laws. These laws were anti-black regulations that forced enslaved and free black and mixed race women to cover their ‘exotic’ hair with headwraps. The laws were brought into place after increased interracial relations were deemed a threat to society, and to stop black women from attracting the attention of white men and ‘competing too freely with white women’.

Although once an oppressive class signifier, the headwrap soon became a fearless statement of resistance to white supremacy. Headwraps were adorned with jewels, patterns, and bold colours as a declaration of black and brown women refusing to 'stay in their lane’, and reclaiming the power of their heritage. Now a fashion statement and staple of black culture, the modern head wrap has become a fabric crown for women of colour everywhere.

Becki Kremer is a Stoke-on-Trent based multi-disciplinary artist and illustrator of mixed-race heritage, working with a variety of artistic mediums - including digital illustrations; textile art; large-scale murals and installations; and acrylic painting. Becki’s ethnicity informs her art style – taking inspiration from traditional Caribbean headscarf and fabric patterns, and the vibrant culture of the West Indies.

Her workshop is open to both staff and students at Keele University. Simple and easy to follow along, you will learn more about the history of the head wrap, along with ways to cut and sew your fabric and wrapping techniques.

To take part you can register here... or you can join the event directly without registering by visiting the event page on Facebook

A limited number of materials are available for people who register. Fabric will be available for collection from the SU reception desk between 10am and 4pm on Thursday and Friday. If you are isolating or off-campus you are welcome to join by using your own fabric - you're still welcome to come along! And if you don't want to make a headwrap and simply want to learn, feel free to join us anyway.

This Crafternoon will be slightly different, starting at 4:30pm instead of 2pm but will be on Microsoft Teams as usual. The link will be shared soon! 

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