Keele Connect is our new online platform that brings together our global network of 100,000 alumni with each other and with current Keele students.

The platform allows alumni to volunteer their time to help current students enhance their employability and future career prospects.  It also provides alumni with an opportunity to find lost friends and connect with their fellow Keelites across the world.

Keele Connect offers a chance for students and fellow alumni to connect with their peers and to make a head start or advance your career by connecting with thousands of Keele graduates for advice, support and networking.

Through Keele Connect, you are able to search an online directory of global alumni professionals and make e-networking connections to:

  • benefit from informal mentoring & career insights
  • ask for practical advice on your job search worldwide including CV guidance
  • gain an insight into various industry or career areas
  • develop and improve your employability and networking skills

(NB. connections are all made digitally and not through face-to-face meetings.)

To access the platform, alumni and students need to sign up and create an account.  This can be done via Linkedin profiles or via Student Careershub accounts for current students.  All users are verified before they can access the platform to guarantee they are current or previous students of Keele University.

Members are able to reconnect with graduates from Keele as well as make new connections based on interests and career pathways and aspirations, by creating affinity groups of like-minded individuals based on current interests or activities at university such as a society or club membership.

Looking for someone in particular but can't find them on Keele Connect?

If you're trying to reconnect with old friends but can't find them on Keele Connect, AlumniHQ may be able to help.  Let us know who you are trying to get in touch with and we'll endeavour to connect you (within the bounds of data protection and respect for privacy).

If you do succeed in making contact, let us know so that we can share in your celebration!