Research Team

Marina Marina Mendonça is a Marie Curie Research Fellow. One of her main topics of research has been on young people’s transition to adulthood and the role of the family of origin in supporting this process. Marina’s background is in Psychology and before joining Keele University in 2013, she worked for several years as a researcher at the Faculty of Psychology and Education of the Univeristy of Porto, Portugal. Her main topics of research have been on gender, life course transitions, family relationships and alcohol consumption in later life.

Recent publications include:

  • Mendonça, M. & Fontaine, A. M. (2014). The Role Maturity of Parents of Emerging Adult Children: Validity of a Parental Maturity Measure. Journal of Adult Development, 21(2), 116-128. DOI:10.1007/s10804-015-9207-4
  • Oliveira, J., Mendonça, M., Coimbra, S. & Fontaine, A.M. (2014). Family Support in the Transition to Adulthood in Portugal:  Its effects on Identity Capital Development, Uncertainty Management and Psychological Well-Being. Journal of Adolescence, 37(8), 1449-1462. DOI: 10.1016/j.adolescence.2014.07.004
  • Mendonça, M. & Fontaine, A. M. (2013). Perception mutuelle des relations entre les jeunes adultes et leurs parents : Distance, appui et conflit.[Parent’s and young adult’s views about their relationship: Differentiation, support and conflict].  La Revue Internationale de l’Éducation Familiale, 33(1) : 59-84. DOI: 10.3917/rief.033.0059
  • Mendonça, M. & Fontaine, A. M. (2013). Late nest leaving in a Southern European country: Its effects on individuation and parent-child relationships. Emerging Adulthood, 3(1), 233-244. DOI: 10.1177/2167696813481773  
  • Mendonça, M. & Fontaine, A. M. (2013). Filial Maturity in Young Adult Children: The Validity of the Filial Maturity Measure and the Role of Adult Transitions. Testing, Psychometrics and Methodology in Applied Psychology, 20, 27-45. DOI: 10.4473/TPM20.1.3

Holdsworth_Clare Clare Holdsworth  is an experienced youth researcher with research interests in volunteering and citizenship; leaving home; students experiences, and health behaviours. Her current research explores how youth transitions are shaped by the requirement for personal responsibility and ongoing tension between choice and control. She has over twenty years’ experience of international collaborative youth research. She has led research projects funded by the Economic Research Council, EU and Leverhulme Trust.

Recent publications include:

  • Holdsworth, C (2015) The cult of experience: standing out from the crowd in an era of austerity Area. DOI: 10.1111/area.12201
  • Laverty L, Robinson J and Holdsworth C (2015) Gendered forms of responsibility and control in teenagers' views of alcohol. Journal of Youth Studies: 1-15. DOI: 10.1080/13676261.2014.992325
  • Hall SM and Holdsworth C (2014) Family Practices, Holiday and the Everyday. Mobilities: 1-19.  DOI: 10.1080/17450101.2014.970374
  • Holdsworth, C. and Brewis, G. (2014)Volunteering, choice and control: a case study of higher education student volunteering vol. 17(2), 204-219. DOI: 10.1080/13676261.2013.815702