How to connect to eduroam - Windows 8

Windows 8 - Quick Connect

Swipe or press keys Windows and C on your keyboard to open the charms menu.

Choose settings from the charms menu.

Swipe to charms menu and choose settings

At the bottom of the Settings Menu, select the wireless icon.

Windows 8- select wireless icon from settings

Select eduroam and Connect.

Windows 8- select eduroam and connect

Enter your Keele Email Address and Password and click OK.

Enter your Keele email address and password

Check the certificate is from Keele radius and select Accept.

You should now be connected. 

Windows 8 - connected to eduroam

If your computer does not connect straight away - you might want to check your username and password are correct. If you need to change your saved user details, follow the instructions below. If you still cannot connect, try the manual setup guide, or contact us.

Manually connect

> From the Metro start screen Touch & Hold or Right Mouse Click, select All Apps and then select Desktop from the list

> From the Desktop Screen Right Mouse Click on the wireless network icon in the bottom right of the desktop and select Open Network and Sharing Centre

> In the Network and Sharing centre, select Setup and New Connection or network

> Select Manually connect to a wireless network

> Now enter the following details as shown in the screenshot below and click Next

> Select Change connection settings

> Click on the Security tab, make sure that the settings are the same as shown in the screenshot below then click on Settings

> In the Protected EAP Properties window:

> Tick Verify the server's identity by validating the certificate and Connect to these servers

> Enter

> Tick AddTrust External CA Root

> Click Configure

> In the EAP MSCHAPv2 Properties windows, remove the tick from Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any)

> Click OK and then click OK on the Protected EAP Properties window

> Click on Advanced Settings

> On the Advanced settings window click on the 802.1x settings tab (if not already selected) and change the authentication mode to User authentication

> Click OK on each of the windows opened and go back to your Desktop

> From the Desktop Screen Left Mouse Click on the wireless network icon in the bottom right of the desktop and click on eduroam

> Username: enter your Keele Email Address

> Password: enter your Keele IT password

> The first time you connect to the eduroam wireless network you will receive a warning as shown in the screenshot below. Click Connect

You should now be connected to eduroam.

Windows 8- how to delete your saved wi-fi settings.

If you change your password, or you think you have entered the wrong details, you will need to delete your eduroam account settings.

Press Windows and R on your keyboard and type cmd in the run box. Or you can swipe to the charms menu and search for cmd.

At the command prompt type:

netsh wlan delete profile eduroam

and then press enter on your keyboard.

Windows 8- netsh wlan delete profile eduroam

Once you have done this, just follow through the quick set up or manual set up instructions for Windows 8.