Using WiFi 'eduroam'

The University permits students to make use of the WiFi Network ‘eduroam’ for personal use as well as educational purposes. To ensure that all users enjoy the best service from our WiFi network we do apply a fair usage policy. Whilst usage is not limited per day*, we do monitor network traffic and will investigate should performance of the network deteriorate in specific areas on campus.

General Usage

If you use the network to browse the web, email , use social media and watch the occasional TV programme on one of the catch up services then you will probably never use more than your ‘fair share’.

Students who use more than their ‘fair share’:-

  • tend to be using torrent/p2p filesharing software (eg BitTorrent, eMule, p2p TV)
  • deteriorate the service for other users
  • are often downloading copyrighted material

All of the above contravene our IT Conditions of Use and may lead to disciplinary action.

If you do exceed your ‘fair share’:-

We do find that there are only a few students use more than their ‘fair share’, those who do, will have their IT account disabled and these individuals will be contacted and may be asked to explain their actions.


*The University reserve the right to limit network traffic at any time in order to ensure the optimum possible service for all users.