How to connect to eduroam - Ubuntu

> Click on the Network Manager icon, Click Enable Wireless

> Click off this menu, then click back onto the Network notification icon again

> Select eduroam from the available wireless networks

> Set Wireless Security to WPA & WPA2 Enterprise

> Set Authentication to Protected EAP (PEAP)

> Leave Anonymous identity blank

> CA Certificate - (None)

> PEAP version - Automatic

> Ensure inner authentication is set to MSCHAPv2

> Username: Enter your Keele Email Address

> Password: Enter your Keele IT Password

> Click Connect

> Click Ignore to this message

> A notification will appear to show you are now connected

Delete eduroam from Ubuntu

If you have entered an incorrect username and password, you may want to delete your eduroam details from Ubuntu.

Click on the Network Manager icon and choose Edit Connections...

Select Edit Connections...

Select the Wireless tab, highlight eduroam and then press delete.

Select the wireless tab, highlight eduroam and press delete.