Copyright Infringement

The use of Peer-to-peer (P2P) files sharing software is not permitted on the Keele Network, whether working on your own PC or Laptop or using a PC provided by the University, particularly when it is being used to download or share copyrighted material, which you do not have permission or rights too.

The University is notified by Copyright Agencies, working on behalf of the copyright owners, and sanctions are taken against the person sharing or downloading the material, including University Disciplinary action.

On receipt of a copyright infringement notice, the University will:-

  • Immediately disable your account
  • Notify you by email that a copyright infringement notice has been received
  • Ask you to complete a Student Compliance Form

Your connection will be reinstated within 3 working days once:-

  • the Compliance Form has been returned

It is important that you are aware that downloading or sharing copyrighted material such as software, movies or music is not only a breach University Conditions of Use it also breaches UK Legislation including Digital Economy Act 2010 and Copyright Patents and Design Act 1988.

Please take time to have a look at the  Respect Copyrights website which has lots of useful information, including a list of where you can legally obtain digital media from.

For information on BoB a free on demand streaming service for education please see the attached link.