Victoria studied medicine at Keele University, graduating in 2012. She completed both her foundation training and GP training in North Staffordshire. During her training she completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Education and a Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Sciences.

She works clinically as a salaried GP two days a week at Merepark Medical Centre in Alsager, Cheshire and is a member of the Cheshire Local Medical Council. Alongside her PhD, she teaches undergraduate medical students at Keele University and is a committee member of the ‘Primary care Academic CollaboraTive’ (PACT) which aims to encourage and facilitate greater involvement in primary care research.

Research and scholarship

The aim of Victoria’s PhD is to define optimal interventions for Perinatal Anxiety (PNA).
This study is a natural continuation from previous work where she investigated healthcare professionals perspectives of PNA for her MPhil degree. The PhD comprises of several parts: the first is a systematic review of interventions designed and implemented for PNA, the second is to conduct qualitative interviews with PNA stakeholders and in the final part she aims to co-develop an intervention for PNA which could be implemented for women experiencing PNA.

Research Grants and Awards

  • NIHR Academic Foundation Programme Training post – 2012-2014
  • NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow in General Practice post - 2014-2019
  • RCGP Scientific Foundation Board Grant – 2017-2019
  • Wellcome Trust Clinical PhD Fellowship – commenced October 2019
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