Frequently asked questions

We understand that you will have lots of questions before you arrive at Keele. Hopefully lots of your questions will be answered here, but you can also get in touch with Student Services for any further queries.

If you are an overseas or EU students you should aim to arrive on Wednesday 22 January 2020.

As well as your personal belongings that you may wish to bring, it’s really important that you bring photo ID for enrolment and your accommodation boarding pass if you will be living in halls of residence.

Make sure you complete the e-induction to familiarise yourself with the IT systems and support services at Keele. You should also register for your optional and elective modules and take a look at any recommended reading lists for your module.

The Student Services Centre provides a wide range of support services to students including money, welfare, residence, disability, international student support, counselling and mental health. Students can also access support from services in the Students' Union

First of all don't worry as you will be in the same situation as other new students, and there are lots of opportunities to meet new people before and after you arrive. You can get talking to other new students on social media by joining Keele SU’s Keele University Student Life 2019/20 official Facebook group. There will also be events to help you meet new people, and you can join one of Keele SU's many clubs and societies.

This is difficult to estimate as this will depend on your individual circumstances, however as an approximate guide we recommend that you budget £80 per week in addition to your accommodation costs.

This will depend on your degree course and modules that you pick. You can contact your academic school for more information, or also look at the contact hours for specific modules.

If you are not happy with your room allocation then please speak to our accommodation team in the first instance. You can request a room move, however please be aware that there will be a waiting list for room moves at the start of term.

The majority of students living on campus will not be eligible for a parking permit unless there are exceptional circumstances such as course placement requirements, medical or disability requirements, or primary caring responsibilities. If you are an off campus or commuting students you will be able to apply for a parking permit. Parking permits are allocated on a needs based application process to ensure that students with the greatest need can park on campus. There is also pay and display parking available on campus for students not eligible for a permit.

Make sure you give your friends and family the correct room address so that they can send you letters and parcels to help you settle in. Your address should be in the format: name, room number, block number, hall of residence and postcode:

  • Barnes ST5 5DZ
  • Holly Cross ST5 5JB
  • Horwood ST5 5DY
  • Lindsay ST5 5DX
  • The Oaks ST5 5JD

Your post will be delivered to the post room on campus. You will need to take ID to collect any post.

There is a health centre on campus which provides NHS services. You should register with the health centre as part of the enrolment process to ensure that you are able to see a doctor or nurse if you fall ill.