International Students Arrival

If you are an EU or overseas student, then this is the section for you. Take a look at the information below to find out everything you need to know about arriving and enrolling at Keele.


Once you arrive in the UK and enter the airport building, you will go through ‘Passport Control’.  You will have two options; you should choose the route for ‘Other Nationalities’ unless you are an EU/EEA citizen.

If you have valid entry clearance (a visa), and you are refused entry to the UK, you are entitled to remain here until your appeal has been heard.  You should ask the Immigration Officer to contact the British Council Desk staff who can offer assistance.

If you are a non EEA or Swiss National and are refused entry to the UK and you have no entry clearance, then you may have to leave the UK immediately or be given temporary admittance to the UK for a short period.  


There will be three exits to choose from – the RED exit, the GREEN exit and the BLUE exit.

RED EXIT – Use this exit if you are carrying any prohibited or restricted goods, or have more than the allowance of duty free goods.  The HM Revenue and Customs website has information about what you can and cannot bring to the UK. If you are unsure about which exit to take, or any of your luggage contents, you should choose the red exit.

GREEN EXIT – Use this exit if you have no prohibited or restricted goods, and are within your allowance of duty free goods.

BLUE EXIT – If your journey started in a country within the European Union, and you are not carrying any prohibited or restricted goods, then you should use the Blue exit.



If your luggage is lost, the important thing is not to panic!  Follow the steps below and inform the Information Point in the Chancellor’s Building Art Gallery when you arrive on campus:

  • Wait at the baggage claim until all luggage from the flight has come through.  Check around the area too as it could have already been unloaded if your flight was delayed.
  • Go to luggage enquiries / the help desk / the airline desk and tell the staff that your luggage has not arrived.  They will then ask you for:
  • Your flight ticket with flight details and attached luggage receipt
  • A description of your missing luggage
  • Your address in the UK (if you don’t yet know, then give the following address; International Student Support, Student Services Centre, Tawney Building, Keele University, Staffordshire, ST5 5BG)
  • Once the member of staff has all your details, they will explain the procedure of getting your luggage back and also give you a reference number and a telephone number or website address to contact for any news.

The staff may be able to tell you where your luggage is at the moment, or they may ask you to wait for this information.

DO NOT leave the airport before completing this procedure, as otherwise you will not receive your luggage and you will not be able to apply for compensation.

At selected times of the year, International Student Support operates a FREE Meet and Greet Airport Collection service for all new international students who are arriving in the UK for the first time. This will take place on Wednesday 22 January 2020 for January arrivals.

Please click here to find out more and register for Meet & Greet Airport Collection (open until Wednesday 15 January 2020).

Please contact International Student Support at for help and advice. 

You may need to register with the Police when you arrive in the UK (you can check on your visa application decision letter to see whether this is required). As there is a requirement to do this within 7 days of arriving in the UK, Student Services have arranged for Staffordshire Police to visit the Keele University campus for the purpose of this registration.

Please contact Student Services for more information and advice.

Enrolment will take place in the Informal Learning Space, Chancellor's Building:

  • Thursday 26 September, 15:00 - 18:00 - All postgraduate international and EU students; all visiting students
  • Friday 27 September, 10:00 - 12:00 - All international, EU and visiting students

The Enrolment team will guide you through this process, at the end of which you will be issued with your Keele Card. If we have not yet received a photo from you then you will be issued with your Keele Card once we have taken your photograph. At enrolment, you will be asked to check and sign an enrolment form giving details of your course and personal details. By signing the form you are agreeing to adhere to the University’s rules as set out in the charter, statutes, ordinances and regulations. Read these rules here.

It is important that you bring the following documents:

  • Your passport/national ID card and Visa
  • Copy of UK Home Office decision letter (if applicable)
  • Original qualification documents

EU students:

Please enrol in the Records and Exams Office, located in the Tawney Building, on the first day you begin your studies. 

You must enrol within four weeks of the start of your course at the latest, otherwise we will assume that you are not taking up your place on your course. At enrolment, you will be asked to check and sign an enrolment form giving details of your course and personal details. By signing the form you are agreeing to adhere to the University’s rules as set out in the charter, statutes, ordinances and regulations. Read these rules here.

Overseas students from outside of the EU:

If you start your course after 30 September, you should enrol with the Immigration Compliance Team, located in the Tawney Building, on the first day you begin your studies. 
To enrol you should bring all of your immigration documents, including your passport, Visa and Home Office decision letter (if applicable) to the Immigration Compliance Team. You also need to bring along your original qualification documents as stated on the CAS.

If your visa application was made in the UK, and a decision from the Home Office is still pending, you will be required to bring a copy of your full visa application, proof that the application has been paid for, and proof that the supporting documents have been sent to the UK Home Office. The International Student Support team at Keele University can assist you in applying for a Tier 4 Visa.

You must enrol before the latest arrival date as stated on your CAS, or for non-Tier 4 students within four weeks of the course start date; otherwise it will be assumed that you are not taking up your place and your Tier 4 visa will be cancelled. At enrolment, you will be asked to check and sign an enrolment form giving details of your course and personal details. By signing the form you are agreeing to adhere to the University’s rules as set out in the charter, statutes, ordinances and regulations. Read these rules here.

At enrolment you will be asked to sign a declaration form which allows the University to enquire about your immigration status and pass on your details to the UK Home Office. By signing the enrolment form you are agreeing to the University’s rules and regulations. Read these rules here

If you have any questions regarding enrolment please e-mail

If you have applied for a Tier 4 Visa to study at Keele, you will need to collect your BRP card once you have arrived in the UK. During the Visa application process you will have selected a pickup location. If you used the code 2HE542 for Keele University, you should be able to collect your BRP Card when you enrol. If you did not use this code then you will need to make your own arrangements to pick up your BRP card at the collection location stated in your Visa Application Decision Letter from the UK Home Office.

If you arriving at Keele via the Meet and Greet Airport Collection Service, our Welcome Ambassadors will help you as you pick your keys and move into your accommodation.

If you are arriving independently, please make your way to the Chancellor’s Building where our Welcome Ambassadors will be happy to assist and direct you. If you will be arriving on campus during the evening or night-time, please make your way to 24-hour Security in the Darwin Building.

If you will be living in on campus halls of residence, you will need to have your Accommodation Boarding Pass in order to collect your keys to your on campus accommodation. Don’t forget to print this after you have completed your online accommodation induction (on the Accommodation Portal on the KLE). 

We have some special sessions just for international and EU students during International Welcome.  They are designed to help you to feel at home at Keele as quickly as possible, be prepared for your learning journey and to get to know your fellow students from across the globe.

Look on the Keele What's On app for the full events calendar. 

Keele University’s secure wireless connection eduroam gives you access on campus, in the halls of residence and teaching buildings. Look for eduroam in your Wifi network list and connect by using your Keele IT account details as the username and password.

For more information please see our IT support information.

All international students studying at Keele on a course of six months or more are able to register with the National Health Service (NHS) and received free medical treatment, however to receive treatment and obtain access to a doctor (General Practitioner) you must be registered with a general medical practice near to where you live.

International students can register with the University Health Centre when you enrol for your course. If you are arriving at the start of the academic year, you can do this on Friday 27 September 13:00-17:00, Chancellor's building. If you are arriving at any other time of year, visit the Health Centre on campus during your first week (or as soon as possible), so that your medical records will be available when you do need to see a GP or Nurse.

Please note that this is a normal GP surgery and not a Walk-in Centre, therefore you will need to be registered to access an appointment. The registration forms can be downloaded from the health centre website. Please fill these in before you arrive as this will minimise the time taken to process your registration. If you have a medical condition, are undergoing treatment at the hospital, or are taking repeat medication please bring this information with you when you register.

Single semester Visiting Student? You should ensure that they have private medical insurance to cover any medical treatment required while in the UK. Access to medical treatment for Visiting Students will be through the local NHS Walk-In Centres and at the Royal Stoke Hospital Accident & Emergency department.

New MenACWY vaccination:

NHS England are advising that first-time university entrants should be vaccinated with Meningococcal ACWY (MenACWY) vaccine BEFORE the beginning of the new academic term. If this is not offered to you during Health Registration, we recommend that you request this from the Health Centre as soon as possible as the risk of contracting Meningitis increases with communal living.

Find out more information about visas and immigration on these web pages