Victoria's 360 campus tour

Hi I'm Vic, third year Neuroscience student at Keele. As we enter Spring, the true beauty of Keele’s campus begins to flourish. Join me for a 360 tour as I explore my favourite spots around campus!

Keele Hall

Keele Hall is one of my favourite places on campus, one which I believe must be taken advantage of, especially on the sunniest of days! Keele Hall host an array of hallmarks, such as the flora and fauna, steams, springs and lake, as well as their natural residents. It's the ideal location to study (or not!) when the sun is out and being inside is just not an option.

David Weatherall Building

The David Weatherall building is the first thing I see every morning as I make my way onto campus. For me, it is the most iconic spot as I am often greeted with a bed of snow in the winter, or a field of daffodils during the spring/summer months, which reminds me of the beauty of Keele and brings me delight. What can be a better way to start the day?

At the back of the Clock House

My all time favourite location is at the back of the clock house. There, you can find the never ending path, to which I can only guess leads to wonderland? You can also find the memorial garden here that homes Cherry trees in memory of some of Keele’s most beloved. Keele hosts a realm of beautiful and wonderful scenes, but the back of the clock house is my go to place to get away from the hustle and bustle of university life, and take some time alone in nature.

Clock House Drive

Situated between the Clock House and Keele Hall, the Clock House Drive is one of the Keele’s hidden gems. With a mystical feel, this spot is great for sporting a photoshoot thats guaranteed to be insta-worthy.

Cherry Tree Walk

Keele is well known for its Cherry blossoms which have been planted around the campus since the late 1940s. There is currently around 240 different species and types of flowering cherries that dot the campus, with one of the standout location being Cherry tree walk. Although we cannot experience the centuries-old practice of “hanami”, which is picnicking under a blooming sakura (cherry blossom tree) in Japan, I think that Keele University is the next best thing!

Keele University Campus Library

I saved the best till last - Keele University campus library. I have spent countless hours here, and often it feels like my second home, so how could I not include it? Furthermore, this is the central location where everything happens! You can often find societies and the student union hosting events and sales outside for charity. Additionally, you can find other momentous hallmarks such as the Forest of Lights which illuminates the path during the nights, as well as The Chapel.

Huxley labs

My practicals were spent in the Huxley labs in my First and Second year in preparation for my Double Experimental Project in Third year. Once in third year, we get access to the main labs where the real research takes place. I loved working in the labs as I get the opportunity to get hand on with some of the work that researchers do and get a feel of how everything works. During my project, I spent months working in these labs and I learnt so much, and it’s one of my favourite academic space.