Keele Innovation Fund

The Keele Innovation Fund is designed to fund small-scale original projects proposed by individual staff members or groups. Successful projects will be in areas which are allied to current university activity, and aim to promote a culture of innovation across all aspects of the University.

Projects will be funded to a maximum of £5000 and will promote one of these areas of innovation:

  • Teaching Excellence
  • Staff/student skills development building
  • Community Engagement 
  • New Research Initiatives (rather than for conventional research projects)
  • Institutional Efficiency

Applications should demonstrate why the proposal is truly innovative, either in approach, aspirations or delivery model. Projects in excess of £5000 are permitted with match-funding.

NB. This fund should not be used to supplement and support existing activity which should be delivered within existing budgets.

The deadline for the first call is Friday 3rd of February 2017.