Sarah-Nicole Aghassi-Isfahani - BA (Hons) Sociology with Criminology (2013)

What was the best thing about studying Sociology at Keele?

Sarah-Nicole graduate The best thing about studying Sociology at Keele, I am not sure if I can pinpoint it to one single thing! The course content is extremely interesting and thought provoking, which the lecturers presented with great enthusiasm and interest. Keele has a lovely, friendly atmosphere, the facilities are great and the sociology staff are superb, creating an excellent place to study.

What do you feel you have gained from the sociology course?

I feel that I gained a great understanding and knowledge on theories, thoughts and disciplines, which I only knew the basis of and wanted to explore more in depth. I gained great confidence when speaking publicly and refined my academic writing. Also I furthered my inquisitiveness and eagerness to question sociological topics, which was always encouraged by the lecturers.

What advice would you give an applicant / fresher about studying sociology at Keele?

You will be or you are in an amazing place to study sociology, so take full advantage of this. Meaning... Get involved with events or groups within the sociology department, they are always interesting and fun to be a part of; question things, you’re there to be analytical and critical; the lecturers welcome this with open arms; don’t be afraid to ask for help for whatever reason. The staff within the sociology department are always willing to assist and provide great support.