Leanne Savigar - BA (Hons) Psychology and Sociology (2012)

What was the best thing about studying Sociology at Keele?

The vast amount of choice in the third year to accommodate my own interests. I was able to choose an area of sociology that interested me most and focus on that topic. Added interest and passion for my chosen subject meant that I was able to focus easily and put every effort into my work. With dissertation tutors focusing on various areas of sociology, many interests are supported and much advice, help and guidance is provided.

Sociology at Keele is fantastic for the amount of choice provided. With elective modules being provided in a variety of topic areas, choice is vast and helps students develop a range of skills in various areas of sociology.

What do you feel you have gained from the Sociology course?

Studying Sociology at Keele has expanded my knowledge of basic sociological principles as well as allowing me to study different areas of sociology that interest me.

It wasn’t until my final year, studying a module on parenting, that I realised exactly how vast an area that sociologists can study. Many topics can be considered from a sociological viewpoint and sociology at Keele has increased my future possibilities in education and a career.

What advice would you give an applicant / fresher about studying Sociology at Keele?

Do not be afraid to try something new. If you are considering studying a module which is different to your others, don’t be worried that it will be irrelevant to your course/future. Many modules show different perspectives on topics that you might not otherwise consider and provide many transferable skills. Your first year is a great time to try new things that you may otherwise not get involved in. Who knows, you could always find a new interest or passion which will change your experience of university altogether.

Turn up! You never know what extra information is actually given in a lecture!