Holly Matthewson - BA (Hons) English and Sociology (2012)

What was the best thing about studying Sociology at Keele?

The best thing about Sociology is that you get to learn about interesting and important topics that affect us all in society. There is an excellent selection of modules and something for everyone, from learning about witchcraft and religious cults, to globalisation and crime. Keele is a fantastic place and the Sociology teaching staff are all really friendly and helpful. The course is run superbly.

What do you feel you have gained from the Sociology course?

I feel I have gained much insight into the issues facing people in today’s society. I have a wide knowledge of Sociological issues, which I can now take and utilize in a work environment, hopefully incurring change. Doing Sociology opens many doors, which is good as it means you are not limited to one career. It aids entry into many public sector roles, and fields such as social work, probation work, research, teaching and lecturing.

What advice would you give an applicant / fresher about studying Sociology at Keele?

Keele is a fantastic place. It has the best of both worlds; it is set in beautiful countryside by Keele Hall, yet is in close proximity to Stoke and Manchester if you want to go into the city. The campus itself offers great facilities with an array of restaurants and bars and an excellent students union for nights out and events. My advice to anyone wishing to study Sociology would be to go for it! If you are interested in the subject this will develop even more-so at Keele as there is so much choice with regards to what topics you can study. Overall, Keele is in the perfect setting. It is a good, credible university and the Sociology course there is brilliant!