Chi Ng - BA (Hons) Criminology and Sociology (2012)

What was the best thing about studying Sociology at Keele?

As an intentional student I encountered a number of difficulties at first. I struggled to decide between taking Sociology or Law when I arrived because, to many Hong Kong people, studying law seems more useful for a future career. However, the Sociology department is like a small community. Everyone, including my tutors and classmates, was willing to share their knowledge and experience. Whenever you had any problems, they were ready to help and try to work out a solution with you. I shared my worries with my classmates and tutors and they encouraged me to have a try before I made any changes. I enjoyed studying Sociology at Keele and I am glad that I chose to study Sociology rather than another subject.

What do you feel you have gained from the Sociology course?

I was new to Sociology before I came to Keele. The modules I took helped me to develop new perspectives to issues from different parts of the world. These transferable skills are essential for my future career.

Besides this I have met a lot of friends in lectures and tutorials. We loved to exchange our ideas among each other. Sometimes, we had different views due to our cultural differences. However, I perceived this as beneficial because it helped me to learn more.

What advice would you give an applicant / fresher about studying Sociology at Keele?

Have courage! I would say you must ‘take the initiative to ask and share’. Never be afraid or hesitate to ask tutors or classmates if you have any queries. They are willing to help and clarify their ideas if you do not understand. Besides, if you share your thoughts with others, you will be able to learn more.