Psychology with Counselling 

(2018 Entry)

BSc (Hons)

The study of psychology which explores why humans feel, think and act the way they do has strong links with the study of counselling skills, which adds specific theories about distress and help and development in listening and helping skills.

Single Honours
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3 years

UCAS code: C8B9

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Course Overview

Psychology with Counselling

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School of Psychology

Psychology will teach you how to design and conduct your own psychological studies in our well-equipped labs using a range of quantitative and qualitative techniques. This will fit well with exploring concepts and debates in counselling, as well as honing some practical skills in effective listening and communication. On this programme you will learn to reflect broadly on situations and to contextually apply what you know.

What will this mean for my future?

Keele enjoys high rates of graduate employment, where in 2016, were recognised nationally as 1st for employability in the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education survey. The programme is accredited by the British Psychology Society. Please note the course is not a practising qualification in its own right, but the first step towards becoming a Chartered Psychologist and a requirement for further study and training for careers in psychology or counselling. These could include working as a counsellor, psychotherapist, or as a clinical, counselling, educational, forensic, occupational or sports psychologist. You will be equally well placed to pursue a career in counselling, either employed or self-employed.

Indicative modules

First year

  • Individuals and Society
  • Research methods 1 & 2
  • Understanding Self and Others Better
  • Biological & Cognitive Psychology
  • Distress and Mental Health

Second year

  • Developmental & Social Psychology
  • Survey & Qualitative Research Methods
  • Biological Psychology, Perception & Cognition
  • Cognitive & Biological Research Methods
  • Core Counselling Competences

Third year

  • Psychology Project
  • Personal Development and Professional Issues
  • Individual Differences and Conceptual and Historical Issues in Psychology