Mathematics with Integrated Master's 

(2018 Entry)


Adding a master’s year enables you to work more independently and at a higher level, preparing you for a career in a technical or quantitative discipline or for doctoral research.

Integrated master's
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4 years/ 5 years with international year

UCAS code: G103

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Course Overview

This course adds a fourth year at master’s level to our bachelor’s degree, in which you will study specialist modules based on your own interests as well as your tutors’ research interests. Building on what you learned in your first three years, you will develop higher-level skills both in mathematics and in your approaches to problem solving and the communication of your solutions to diverse audiences. Studying for a master’s at Keele you will spend more time in self-directed study, becoming an independent learner, thinker and researcher. You will deliver a substantial project, write mathematics to a professional standard and explore how mathematicians contribute to academia and industry.

What will this mean for my future?

You will have learned to approach problem solving in unfamiliar and complex environments, perhaps where your access to information is limited, and to communicate your conclusions clearly to a range of audiences including non-mathematicians. These valuable skills are highly attractive to employers in an extremely wide range of fields. Your master’s degree will also be an excellent springboard for pursuing further studies at doctoral level.

Indicative modules

First year

  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Investigations and Problem Solving

Second year

  • Differential Equations
  • Probability
  • Complex Variable and Vector Calculus
  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Abstract Algebra
  • Dynamics

Third year

  • Graph Theory
  • Group Theory
  • Codes and Cryptography
  • Number Theory
  • Ring and Field Theory
  • Metric Spaces and Topology
  • Linear Algebra
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Nonlinear Differential Equations
  • Waves
  • Mathematical Biology
  • Medical Statistics
  • Professional Mathematics
  • Time Series
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Logic
  • Relativity
  • Numerical Analysis

Fourth year

  • Algebraic Number Theory
  • Combinatorial Designs
  • Module Theory
  • Symmetric Differential Equations
  • Continuum Mechanics
  • Hydrodynamic Stability Theory
  • Linear Elasticity
  • Master's Project
  • Analytic Functions
  • High Speed Flow