Liberal Arts with Integrated Masters 

(2018 Entry)


Liberal Arts is an exciting and innovative development in degree programmes offered at Keele. Its interdisciplinary structure and content offers students the opportunity for fresh thinking for the great challenges the world faces today.

Single Honours
Learn a language
International year
4 years/ 5 years with international year

UCAS code: Y005

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Course Overview

Liberal Arts is ideal if you’re a creative thinker, enjoy exploring new and varied subjects and want to make a difference to society. Its interdisciplinary approach to understanding some of the world’s most pressing problems means you’ll study a wide range of subjects, including the social sciences, arts, humanities and the natural sciences.

Much of the programme is underpinned by innovative teaching. For example, the programme uses a ‘living labs’ approach, by which field trips engage students with local issues and their potential solutions. You will have the opportunity to apply knowledge and generate evidence and understanding by engaging with living communities and landscapes. Students will pursue hands-on research into Britain’s industrial, social, economic and cultural history as well as current/future-oriented issues of economic regeneration, social and political challenges and environmental sustainability, citizenship and creativity. There will be opportunities for learning analytical, communication, presentational, writing and research skills.

As well as being based within the School of Social Science and Public Policy, Liberal Arts is closely associated with the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS) with whom we arrange and have access to a number of events such as the Grand Challenges Lectures series, interdisciplinary workshops, discussion groups and opportunities to showcase research and teaching and learning developments.

What will this mean for my future?

When you graduate, you’ll have a wide range of transferable skills including the ability to communicate effectively, think critically and creatively, problem solve, and demonstrate empathy towards and understanding of others in local and global communities. These are all highly valued by employers, and can lead to a range of career choices.

You might go into the arts, the culture and media industries, education, advertising, marketing, tourism, leisure, local and national government, humanitarian work, health and social care, or many other professions.

Indicative modules

First year:

  • Understanding the World Through the Liberal Arts
  • Ten Problems of Philosophy
  • Understanding Culture
  • Four elective modules from Humanities and Social Sciences

Second year:

  • Using Social Science to Solve Problems
  • Creative Arts and Humanities
  • Four elective modules from Humanities and Social Sciences

Third year:

  • Dissertation OR Independent Study Project
  • Grand Challenges in Society
  • Five elective modules from Humanities and Social Sciences