International Business

Course type: Dual Honours,
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Typical offer:BBB or ABC
Tuition fees: Read more about tuition fees
Duration and mode of study: 3 Years/ 4 years with placement, Full time/Sandwich
Location of study:Keele University campus
Subject Area: Business and Management, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Course Overview

Keele’s multi-disciplinary, internationalised approach to management opens a gateway into the competitive world of global business.

This course encourages you to bring a critical and globalised approach to management theory and practice. Since much of modern society was shaped by the Western industrialists of the late 1800s, this course challenges whether 100 year old management concepts should continue to frame an increasingly globalised, politicised world. International Business at Keele takes a critical perspective on what goes on in organisations, offering a thorough exploration of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of essential business skills and knowledge. You’ll enjoy engaging with a range of interconnecting subjects such as law, human resource management, human geography, finance, politics and psychology.

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Dual Honours

Below is an indicative range of modules you could study as part of dual honours International Business. 

First year 

Core modules: 

  • Management in Context 
  • Global Business Environments
  • Introduction to International Business

Second year 

Core modules: 

  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Managing in the Multinational Corporation
  • Operations and Quality Management
  • International Supply Chain Management 

Elective modules:

  • Social Theory at Work 
  • Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

Third year 

Core modules: 

  • Business Strategy
  • Comparative Business Cultures
  • International Business Strategies

Elective modules: 

  • Leading Change and Entrepreneurship; Identity, Culture and Organisation 
  • Marketing and Globalisation 
  • Management, Organisation and the Media
  • Global Labour Regulation
  • New Business Plan (Project) 

Course workload

This contact time measure is intended to provide you with an indication of the type of activity you are likely to undertake during your programme. The data is compiled based on module choices and learning patterns of students on similar programmes in previous years. Every effort is made to ensure this data is a realistic representation of what you are likely to experience, but changes to programmes, teaching methods and assessment methods mean this data is representative and not specific.

Undergraduate courses at Keele contain an element of module choice; therefore, you will experience a different mix of contact time and assessment types dependent upon your own individual choice of modules. The figures below are an example of activities that you may expect on your chosen course by year/stage of study. Contact time includes scheduled activities such as: lecture, seminar, tutorial, project supervision, demonstration, practical classes and labs, supervised time in labs/workshop, fieldwork and external visits. The figures are based on 1,200 hours of student effort each year for full-time students.

First year

  • Scheduled learning and teaching activities – 22%
  • Guided independent study – 78%

Second year

  • Scheduled learning and teaching activities – 19%
  • Guided independent study – 81%

Third year

  • Scheduled learning and teaching activities – 19%
  • Guided independent study – 81% 

Skills and Careers

What will this mean for my future?

You’ll graduate with a wide range of skills to bring to the global employment market, although you might equally go on to study at master’s or PhD level. You’ll have a solid understanding of both business and the global context, preparing you for a wide range of careers in the public, private and third sectors. You might work in management consultancy, IT, banking, import/export, sales, marketing or logistics, or carry your transferable skills to an indirectly related career of your choice.

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Codes and Combinations

Codes and Combinations

For overseas students who do not meet direct entry requirements, we offer the opportunity to take an intensive International Year One in Business and Management leading to second year degree entry.

Single Honours, Major and Foundation course information

International Business with Foundation Year: N1L3 View KIS Stats

Students are candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) (BA Hons) if their two Principal courses are in humanities and/or social science subjects.

All students who study a science subject are candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Science (with Honours) (BSc Hons).

can be combined with:

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Study abroad

For those taking a dual honours course it may be possible to choose an International Year as part of your degree resulting in a 4 year course.

On the International Business programme you have the potential opportunity to spend a semester abroad in their second year studying at one of Keele’s international partner universities. Exactly which countries are available depends on your choice of degree subjects. An indicative list of countries is on the website Partner Universities however this does not guarantee the availability of study in a specific country as this is subject to the university’s application process for studying abroad.

No additional tuition fees are payable for studying abroad but you do have to bear the costs of travelling to and from their destination university, accommodation, food and personal costs. Depending on the destination you are studying at additional costs may include visas, study permits, residence permits, and compulsory health checks. You should expect the total costs of studying abroad to be greater than if they study in the UK, information is made available from the Global Education Team throughout the process, as costs will vary depending on destination. 

Find out more about the course

Our Course Information Documents (CIDs) are designed to give you all of the details you need to make an informed decision about what and where to study.

Dual Honours Course Information Document (PDF)
Sandy Koh, Singapore

Sandy Koh, Singapore

"KMS provides you with all the resources and opportunities to develop your true potential."

International Business Graduate, 2015

Cherry Hung

Cherry Hung

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Finance and International Business Graduate, 2014