Business Management and Criminology 

(2018 Entry)

BA (Hons)

The last ten years have seen some high-profile cases of financially motivated white-collar crime that have included embezzlement, fraud and accounting misrepresentation as well as cases of insider trading, financial product and service mis-selling, currency and price fixing. The aim of this popular combined course is to understand such issues in the context of business and management, criminal law and justice.

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UCAS code: MNX2

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Course Overview

On this course you will learn about a broad suite of ideas, theories and case studies in two internationally recognised and research focused departments. In your business modules, you will learn about behaviour in organisations, ethics, social responsibility of private companies as well as public organisations, risk and security management and corporate governance.   In Criminology modules you will draw on insights from law, social sciences, cultural studies and psychology to explore crime, crime control and justice from a range of perspectives. You will learn about the nature and causes of crime and offending and also explore the methods used to collect and analyse criminological data. Whatever the topic of study, each module asks you to reflect critically on what you learn, to challenge received wisdom, and to think for yourself about the theories you encounter. You’ll learn to reflect broadly on situations and to apply what you know to real life cases.

There is an option to take a placement year as part of this programme which gives you the chance to put theoretical learning into practical context. Expanding your work-based skills, you’ll graduate as a confident, analytical thinker with an ability to communicate clearly; qualities that are in demand among employers.

What will this mean for my future?

You’ll be interested in this course if you’d like to pursue a career in management or self-employment. You could choose a career in the commercial, public or charitable sectors. With or without further study, you might eventually work as a management or IT consultant, investment analyst, chartered management accountant, banker, financial advisor or statistician, in the civil service or in marketing or sales. There are also a wide range of career options in the fields of crime reduction, offender rehabilitation and community safety, amongst others. It provides an entry to further study or training to allow you to work for the police, or as a probation officer, social worker, youth worker, prison officer or a solicitor. You can also aspire to work in areas such as victim support, mental health, penal reform and advocacy, the courts, in local or central government, or as a risk and security analyst in a variety of organisations.


Indicative modules

Whilst the courses are constantly reviewed and refreshed, to reflect the most recent developments in the disciplines, the following are indicative of the modules (both core modules and elective modules) that may be offered: 

First year

  • Business Law
  • Understanding Crime
  • Criminal Justice: Process, Policy and Practice
  • Investigating Crime: Criminological Perspectives
  • Management in Context
  • Introduction to International Business 

Second year

  • Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
  • Theoretical Perspectives in Criminology
  • Policing and the Police
  • Crime and Justice in a Global Context
  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Operations and Quality Management

Third year

  • Risk and Criminal Justice
  • State Crimes and Crimes against Humanity
  • Corporate Crime
  • Environmental Crimes
  • Criminology Work Placement
  • Business Strategy
  • Contemporary Issues in Management  
  • Independent study project

Davina Patel

Davina Patel

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