American Studies and International Business 

(2018 Entry)

BA (Hons)

Studying American Studies and International Business at Keele combines  the study of the history, literature and politics of the world’s largest industrial nation superpower, America, with the exploration of concepts and debates in organisational behaviour, accounting, marketing and human resource management in a global context.

Combined Honours
Study abroad
Learn a language
Placement year
3 Years/ 4 years with placement

UCAS code: TN71

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Course Overview

To understand current events and culture you must understand historical and contemporary America. American Studies will provide you with this knowledge whilst International Business will allow you to explore the impact this has, and continues to have, on modern organisations around the world. This will provide you with a critical and globalised approach to management theory enabling you to operate effectively in the international job market.

You will study how issues such as slavery, crime, imperialism, conflict, security and the presidency have impacted and continues to impact on business and organisations around the world. In the context of an increasingly globalised, politicised world, your international business studies will offer you a thorough exploration of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of essential business skills and knowledge. Furthermore, you can choose to gain some experience of the practical application of your skills by opting to take a placement year between years two and three of your studies.


What will this mean for my future?

You will graduate with a wide range of skills to bring to the global employment market with a solid understanding of both business and the global context. As a well-informed critical thinker, you will have a wide range of subject-specific skills and understanding as well as transferable skills which will enable you to follow a career in a wide variety of sectors. You might choose to work as a management consultant, journalist, an academic librarian, in marketing or sales, as a social researcher, a museum conservator, an advertising copywriter. Equally you could decide to go on to study for a postgraduate qualification in either American Studies or International Business.

Indicative modules

First year 

  • Management in Context
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Contemporary America
  • Global Business Environment
  • New York, New York: An Introduction to American Culture
  • Introduction to International Business
  • Debates in American Politics

Second year

  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Managing in the Multinational Corporation
  • Operations and Quality Management
  • From Modernity to Counterculture: American Literature and Social Criticism in the 20th Century

Third year

  • Business Strategy
  • High Culture: Drink, Drugs, and the American Dream
  • Comparative Business Cultures
  • Contemporary American Fiction
  • International Business Strategies
  • Film Noir: The Dark Side of America