Your Personal Timetable

How to find and understand your personalised student timetable

  • Visit the Keele University Website and select the ‘students’ link at the top of the page


  • You will be redirected to the following page where you can login using your username and password



  •  Once the student portal has opened you can view your timetable using ‘Timetable’ tab at the top of the page
  •   Your grid timetable will be displayed – see the ‘understanding your timetable’ page for more information



 here is a more detailed view of a typical weeks timetable

Each activity on the grid timetable has a number of components as described;

  1. The first three letters of the module code provides a unique reference representing the subject, and the first number represents the level. For example; AMS-30035 is a level 3 American Studies module. See ‘Subject Abbreviations’ for a full list of subjects and their associated three letter code.
  2. The activity type describes the type of activity taking place. See ‘Activity Types’ for a full list of activity types and their descriptions.
  3. The location details where the activity is scheduled to take place. See ‘Finding Your Room’ for an explanation of the room coding system.
  4. The week numbers list the week(s) of the semester in which the activity is taking place. See ‘Week Numbers Explained’ for a week to date conversion chart.