Block Timetable

The block timetable provides a structure for the co-ordination of dual honours undergraduate programmes.  In 2015/16 the University is moving from a 4 block to a 3 block timetable.  The change will initially be implemented at Level 4 (Year 1) in 2015/16, then will be rolled out to Level 5 (Year 2) in 2016/17 and Level 6 (Year 3) in 2017/18.

You can download the block timetable 3 Block Timetable ‌

‌The Context for the new 3 block timetable is given below:

  1. The block timetable shall cover all UG teaching in the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and the faculty of Natural Sciences.
  2. The core working week shall be Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm and Wednesday 9am to 1pm.  This may be extended on request into Saturday and Sunday for postgraduate courses.
  3. The day is divided between 3 blocks.  This should ensure that every student receives a minimum of a 1 hour lunch break between 11 am and 2pm.  If the lunch break is violated by a Free Standing elective the student has the choice to accept the lunch violation or to change their elective module.  This division is also intended to concentrate contact time for students and eliminate long vacant slots between scheduled teaching.
  4. Each block now has 13 hours of allocated contact time (instead of 10 hours).
  5. All teaching activities must be scheduled in the allocated subject block.  This includes repeat teaching (i.e. of laboratories & tutorials) except where space dictates that repeat labs must be scheduled out of block.  In this instance repeat teaching can be scheduled out of block according to the order of priority in the sub-blocks. (This should only be an issue for natural science subjects which have a compulsory lab requirement).
  6. Where an activity is delivered only to Single honours students, this activity may be scheduled out of block.
  7. The blocks are rotated for each level of study.  So every discipline will have its share of “unsociable” slots throughout the duration of the 3 year programme.
  8. Wednesday mornings 10.00-13.00 are kept free for Free Standing Electives (i.e. ENL, MFL, Study Abroad etc….).
  9. Wednesday afternoons shall be kept free of all teaching (except Modern Languages).
  10. A programme can only be combined with a programme in an alternative block.
  11. A Compulsory Core module can only be shared as a core module with programmes allocated to the same block. A Compulsory Core module cannot be shared as a core module with programmes in different blocks unless the scheduled teaching is repeated in each block.
  12. A Compulsory and Optional Core modules can be shared as Optional Core modules with programmes in different blocks.  However, students will only be allowed to take that option if it does not clash with their other dual honours programme.  Unfortunately, the online module selection process cannot prevent students taking Optional Core modules which there timetable will prevent them from taking so this Optional Core module selection process will need to be managed by each school.