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Hut life was a very communal, and the “old-hands” helped the new guys integrate into the system, including entertaining wide circles of friends from other huts, and more particularly the Women’s residence over long coffee mornings and/or afternoons. There was a curfew on women in the men’s residence after some early hour like 6 pm, and this was amazingly adhered to most of the time. People shared their considerably different backgrounds, their experiences at Keele, their books and documentation on courses, and some guidance on what particular lecturers might want to see in an assignment, but never did I witness a case of plagiarism – it was every man for himself, and it was high praise indeed when hut colleagues performed well in tests or exams. The most revered member of the hut group was always the one facing finals, and if he demanded silence after some specific hour, it was good manners to respect his wishes.

Alan Jones (1961)