Heritage Guides

Heritage Guides 2013 In 2012, a group of students led by Georgie Fitzgibbon (2013) and Ariana Sevilla (2013) formed a student voluntee group called "Heritage Volunteers" to conduct tours with visitors, guests, alumni and students. These were so successful that a specialist role of Heritage Guide was created within the student ambassadors scheme in autumn 2013. 

The first group of trained Heritage Guides in 2013 included Imi Agboaye, Max Bailey, Tom Bird, Sophia Hunt, Helen Jenkings, Veronika Kubickova, Jamie Littlejohn, Shelley Minards, David Packman, David Smith, Becky Snape and Madeline Toner.

Keele Heritage Guides offer a range of tours and talks for students, alumni and other visitors. For example, they can conduct tours or give talks about:

  • The Keele estate, the Sneyd family and Keele Hall - ideal for visitors or Keele people who enjoy history and heritage
  • The Origins of Keele University - ideal for visitors, staff and students who want to know why "Keele is Keele" and about the unique "Keele Experiment" which still informs our values and ethos
  • Keele Myths and Legends - ideal for staff and students who want to hear some of the more famous scandals, pranks, controversies and bizarre occurrences from Keele's Oral History

A Heritage Guide can meet visitors to the university or offer an activity with students or staff to develop an awareness about this amazing place where we work, study and - many of us - live! This is a paid specialist student ambassador role. Tours or talks normally last from 30 mnutes to one hour. You can book a tour through the Student Ambassador website at specifying "Heritage Guide". For more information about Heritage Guides contact John Easom, Alumni & Development Manager.