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The Telephone Service

This section includes a summary of the procedures for getting a phone installed, reporting faults, etc.

Supervision of the campus telephone system is the responsibility of the IT section of the Finance and IT Directorate. We edit the online telephone directory, respond to faults, set-up, look after billing, and voicemail for staff and students, but please note that the telephone operators are managed by Commercial Business Engagement (CBE).

The most up-to-date version of the directory is held on line. You can search for someone's number, or browse through departmental lists by viewing the phonebook web pages.

If you have a query about charges or wish to request changes to your department's entry in the directory, contact the IT Service Desk:

BT Lines:

Departments requiring direct BT telephone lines should make their own arrangements with BT in the same way as anyone would for a phone in their own home. The IT section only manages the main Campus and Student Systems and the associated equipment.


FAX modems connected to any DDI exchange line offer the same facilities as those connected via BT lines. Also Faxes can be sent free to other machines that are attached to campus DDI lines - do this by dialling just the last 5 digits of the number.

Ordering a phone, changing a telephone number, voicemail, call pickup, altering a directory entry:

Complete the Telephone Change Form to send your request to the Telephone Engineer, IT - FIT Directorate.

Faults should be reported to IT Services (dial 33636 or email Where possible test your telephone first by unplugging it; or, check that it is not forwarded or on voicemail (if so, you should hear a different tone and the display will show a handset icon at the top on the left hand side).

IT Service Desk