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Dialling information

Telephoning from off-campus

To get an outside line from the Keele campus, dial 9 – followed by the required number.

5 digit numbers beginning 3xxxx except for 37xxx- To dial these from off-campus, precede the number with +44 1782 7

5 digit numbers 37xxx can’t be dialled from off-campus. Do not add the prefix +44 1782 7 to these numbers, these are reserved for student halls.

Telephoning Keele student halls.

Use the 5 digit number from the campus to the student halls, they all start 6xxxx.

If dialling from off-campus use +44 1782 73xxxx, omit the 6 , e.g. internal 67890, external +44 1782 737890.

Other listed numbers with more than 5 digits

6 digit numbers beginning 67xxxx or 44xxxx and are not on our exchange.

These are University Hospital site numbers; prefix with +44 1782

5 digit number beginning 20xxx

These are internal numbers for Keele Management Centre, the number can be dialled directly from on-campus; from off-campus dial the reception desk on + 44 1782 738900.


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