ISF Seminar Series

Prior to the launch of the Institute for Sustainable Futures, we have had Sustainability Seminar Series as part of 'KUSRN' - the Keele University Sustainability Research Network. Due to the sucess of this seminar series, it will be carrying on under the Institute.

After a set of successful seminar series, we are now ready for the next series with speakers from diverse disciplines, including Media, Communications, and Culture, Chemistry, Politics, Geography, Environment and Sustainability, and Psychology. Seminars will start in Mid October. Please download a pdf of the ISF Seminars for 2019-20

Our the seminar series are usually run on a Wednesday from 1-2pm in the Walter Moberley Building Room WM0.03.

If you are interested in delivering a seminar in Semester 2, please contact the Sustainability Project Officer, for more information and availability.

If you would like to be kept up to date with the seminar series, please sign up to the specific seminar series mailing list.

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