Culture and Heritage

Students, Staff and Alumni of Keele University tend to be very proud of its culture and heritage, and rightly so!  As a result, we are keen to maintain and restore Keele’s heritage whilst encouraging more cultural activities on campus and beyond.


The Agora Project (working title)

The Agora Project will see all of Keele University’s arts-focussed activities being brought together in order to enhance the learning, research and experience of the creative arts taking place across campus.  The project will grow the quality of Keele’s artistic offering, inspire participation and equip students with skills that complement their academic studies.

Through the construction of a new, sustainable hub that will be industry relevant and accredited, the Agora will enhance existing disciplines and Arts programmes whilst allowing Keele to expand its academic offering into new creative areas.  Engaging and partnering with organisations within the creative sector will also add value to the project, the University and its communities.


Keele Chapel Organ

The Keele Chapel organ was installed in 1966 and has enjoyed a distinguished history, including being played at hundreds of graduation ceremonies and by many of the world’s most famous organists.  Sadly, the condition of the organ has deteriorated over the years and this somewhat restricts its use.  It is now some way off the ‘concert standard’ it once enjoyed for teaching, recitals and choral performances.

Some of the much needed restoration has already taken place thanks to the generosity of our alumni and donors, which has allowed the organ to continue to be used at Chapel services and at graduation ceremonies over the past few years.  However, there is a larger amount of work that needs to be done and we would welcome any donations that will allow us to continue with the restoration of the Keele Chapel organ back to its peak condition.


Clockhouse Restoration

The Keele Key Fund recently provided a grant to support the restoration of the Clockhouse clock and tower.  We are pleased to say that the clock, complete with new hands, is now back in working order following years of inactivity.

Please click here to find out more about the clock via our Oral History project.


Keele Hall Tapestries

The Key Fund has also recently provided funds to support the restoration of the Keele Hall tapestries that were made especially to mark the opening of the Hall’s following its rebuilding in 1860.  

The tapestries are currently away being restored and we look forward to showing them off when they return. 

There are many other repair and restoration projects needed to protect and enhance Keele’s art collection.


Art Collection

Keele also has an impressive collection of paintings and other pieces of art, a number of which are on display in Keele Hall.

Want to get involved and support our projects?

If you are interested in any projects relating to this key priority, we'd love to hear from you.  Please contact Campaigns and Development on 01782 733003 for more information.