End of Term/Moving Out Occupancy Arrangements

At the end of your occupancy period, whether you are on a 34, 37, 43 or 51 week occupancy contract, you will need to vacate your room by a certain date and time- usually by 9:00am. Remember to leave your room/flat in the same condition as you found it,

Please ensure you check the details relating to your occupancy period using the links below to ensure that you do not incur any additional costs.  If you are on a 34 week occupancy, you will also need to take note of the dates and times when your room will need to be vacated prior to the Easter Vacation.

January End of Occupancy Notice 2017

34 & 37 Week End of Occupancy Notice 2018

43 Week End Of Occupancy Notice 2018

ISC August End of Occupancy Notice 2018

51 Week End Of Occupancy Notice 2018

Easter Vacation Notice 2017


Storage facilities on campus are very limited. If you would like to arrange storage for your possessions during vacation times, you ‌should contact an outside storage company. Most of these companies supply packing boxes which they deliver to you; they then arrange collection and transportation to their storage facilities. Their rates are very competitive. Here are a few of our local ‌companies:


Deposit Refund

Once you have handed your keys in to the Student Accommodation Office at the end of your occupancy your room will be checked by the Accommodation Services Manager for your Hall of Residence. Any damages to the room will be charged to your record. Your deposit will then be refunded to you, minus any outstanding fees.

To get your deposit refunded to your bank account (this is the recommended and quickest way) you will need to fill out a Refund Request Form. This can be found in the Finance section of your eVision account.